I Love Lamp: Back Deck Is Mostly There!

The fence hasn’t been stained yet and we’re still not sure sure about the furniture lay out etc and the ground outside needs to be re-graded but I just couldn’t wait to show you a little of how the back deck is looking right now BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE! Seriously. We live there now.

IMG_4608 (1).JPG

This morning our pal Theresa came over with her wee ones Frankie and Lulu. Frankie and Amina were born about 7 hours and only 20 feet apart so it is the sweetest freaking thing when they get together.

IMG_4610 (1).JPG
IMG_4611 (1).JPG

The space is baby and dog heaven. Enclosed, right off the kitchen, plenty of space to rumble, fresh air. It’s grown-up heaven too! We’ve been having morning coffee out there, reading and nursing out there, eating dinner out there…

They poured the gravel the day I went into labor, came back on Monday two days after we got home to pour the cement, then finished the fence the next day. (!!) While construction right off the house might have been some folks’ newborn nightmare, it was weirdly comforting to us. We love a good home improvement! And Amina ADORES cement trucks so I am not remotely exaggerating when I say she was visibly more excited by the two that came than the arrival of her sister, haha!

IMG_4094 (1).jpg

Her sister, about whom, she is getting more and more curious and sweet with each passing day. Amina has been giving Felix kisses before she takes her afternoon nap, pulling off her socks to touch all her tiny toes, offering to share bits of her meal with her. This morning she said yes to having her in her lap and we pretended to eat the bananas off her onesie and I just about cried it was so tender.

IMG_4607 (1).JPG

Aaaand I just heard her wake up from her nap! More soon.

I Love Lamp: Back Deck Begins

Today was the first official day of work on the back deck, and like with the kitchen, it was probably the loudest! It was gonna take no less than a jackhammer to get the top layer of that awkward concrete pad off.


Technically the work began yesterday when the electrician came and moved the generator.


But believe it of not, that just didn’t feel quiiiite as thrilling as the jackhammered pad.

Amina was vaguely curious about the demo, but seemed much more thrilled by running around the barn—


And being the one in charge of Waldo’s leash.




Oh summer, you are so lovely.

I Love Lamp: The House Lately

Did some spring cleaning. Thought I’d show you what the house looks like these days.

Last year we did some rearranging for Seder but have since gone back to this set up downstairs:

IMG_0641 2.JPG

We spend lots of time in this room with Amina rumbling around, reading books, playing with blocks and backhoes… And I love that we unpacked that bright orange Moroccan rug there right after our trip simply because we wanted to look at it immediately and that’s where it’s stayed.

Oh Waldo. Always so classy.

Oh Waldo. Always so classy.


The main additions being a high chair on the barn door table and a swing from the rafters for the baby, no toddler, who has since arrived! Don’t know if we’re going to do two high chairs eventually with Baby Girl #2…


Speaking of her though, we’ve got to start getting her room ready! It’s still set up as an in-a-pinch guest room/storage of non-maternity clothes and lots of art work.


Like Amina, we’ll set her up in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few months —


—but I’d still like it to be ready for her by the time she arrives. What a relief to not be buying and registering for loads of baby things this time around! We keep joking that at the very least though, she has to get her own totally new outfit to wear home from the birthing center. I mean, that’s only right, right?

I Love Lamp: A Lil' Nursery Update

Ok fine, I admit it. I knew that having white on a nursery rug was a terrible idea from the start. But it was so cute! And so on sale! I briefly considered taking a pic to show you just how beige the entire thing had become, but look, you don’t need that in your life right now with all that’s going on, right?

Trying to learn from previous experience, this time I got the most washable kind of rug around: a bath mat. Voila!

IMG_4875 2.jpg

When I took it out of the packaging this afternoon Amina crawled right on top of it and started laughing and petting it. EXACTLY the kind of reaction I wanted from her. Also exactly the kind of thing you never get a picture of.

Oh, now you need your own? Cop yours right here. There’s also a white version for the especially brave.

I Love Lamp: DIY Birch Table

Amina and I were hanging out with Steven as he put together the birch tops for the two tables we’re building for the barn and I realized, I don’t think I ever showed you the one we made for my home office! (I know, I know, I’ll show you the barn too soon I swear!)

IMG_2190 2.JPG

The hardware store sells birch planks in 4’ x 8’. We trimmed this one down, doubled it underneath along the edges so it would be sturdy, poly’d the top, popped on some metal legs et voila!

When we made the table I also finally hung some art, got a carpet (Urban Outfitters, crazy good sale), and a lamp (globe with a concrete base of course).


I also juuuuuust cleaned up the pile of paperwork that had been sitting under my cork board for, oh, two months. It hadn’t gotten as bad as when we first opened, but it was cluttering up the whole feel of the space and starting to annoy me.


And oh, that’s the baby up from her nap! Later.

I Love Lamp: The Living Room

One of my favorite parts of not being super pregnant? Being able to rearrange furniture again! Among other things of course, like sleeping on my back, having a beer, and not living in constant fear of going into labor on a busy weekend BUT REARRANGING FURNITURE! Woohoo!

The set up of our living room had been bothering me for a while. In our four years here it just hasn't ever quiiiite gelled the way I've wanted it to.

Once upon a time, it was Steven's studio


But after about a year and half of working there, Steven realized that rather than a big space with those big windows, what he actually wanted most out of a studio was a goddamn door he could close. Aka, the ability to work uninterrupted by the comings and goings of the house. So we moved him upstairs where he's now much happier to be working and I no longer nag him-- I mean ask him nicely-- to clean up his studio when folks are coming over because whatever, it's no longer the very first thing they see when they walk in our front door.

Funnily enough, hotel guests also stopped mistakenly coming to the house with as much frequency once he moved as well. The big computer probably made the room look like a Front Desk from afar.

Then, briefly, the room held only the piano. Which was SO dramatic and cool!


I also painted those built-ins black which was a nice upgrade. But what happened after? Why did we change it? I'm only realizing just now that it's because we started to acquire a rather ridiculous amount of chairs. Seven to be precise. All from my mom who, over the spring, was in the process of downsizing since she and my dad sold their brownstone and moved into a significantly smaller apartment. And bought the property across the street from us. SAY WHAT?! I know. It's bananas! Most folks who hear that are horrified, but most folks don't actually like their parents, so. Steven and I are thrilled and yes the arrival of Amina is 100% the only reason my city-girl mom is into this. 

Their whole house process is totally wild and fun and deserves its own post so I won't get into it here right now so back to the seven chairs--

One is in Steven's studio, one is in my studio (no pic, sorry), one is in Amina's nursery, and the other four have been floating around the first floor which has looked mostly like this:

pano before.JPG

By no means terrible but we weren't actually hanging out in that room--an obvious sign that something needs to change.

We also got that amaaaaazing oriental rug in the process of my folks' move which definitely cozied up the joint. But it drove me NUTS that it couldn't be centered (because of our tiled entrance-way where I am standing to take that picture above) so it kind of awkwardly split that (totally not comfortable) window seat area like this:

left halfway.JPG

And on top of it all (I know! the interior design injustices never end!) we have recently become the proud owners of two strollers which are realistically going to live near the front door for a few years so that space actually looked like this:

Womp womp.

So! We started by moving the piano over and I immediately felt a) elated to be moving heavy things again as stated waaay back in the beginning of this post and b) pleased with how it occupied the otherwise awkward non-rug corner.

left after.JPG

I like how the far leg is on the rug though, like, "Hey guys, I'm still in your living room party, right?"

Then on the other side, I grouped all the chairs together. Steven was (rightfully) insistent upon the two most comfy ones facing the windows and so, voila!

right after vertical.JPG

And all this left back wall empty so we can keep our strollers there, right by the front door but not in the way of our hang out areas, and not visible from the other room.


It might be hard to tell from photos, in which case you really must come by for drinks some time, but this set up is SO MUCH MORE intuitive and welcoming! And there is so much more room for toys to be strewn about, which is the next interior design challenge I am of course looking forward to. ;)

pano after.JPG

Btw, it's also stuuuupid pretty out these days. It looks like fall but feels like summer. I'm ALL about it. Minus the whole it's probably because of climate change thing but oh well. 


I Love Lamp: The Nursery

Here it is! That is, the nursery. Not the baby yet... So as I wait with this bowling ball belly I figured I'd show you her room!

Overall we wanted something soothing and kinda neutral knowing that all of her books and toys and such will be bright and fun. So we stuck with the wood/white/cream thing we have going on in other parts of the house. Shockingly for us, the only thing made of barn wood is the shelf below the window from when this was my closet. Though Steven did threaten to build her a crib out of it... :)


I especially love the Alexander Calder inspired mobile she has. (Happy Birthday to him today btw!) And I of course adore the little school of trout Steven painted. 


(Btw yes that is a gaping hole next to the electrical outlet perfectly within reach from the crib, and yes we are getting that fixed ASAP. She'll be in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first handful of weeks anyway.)

I originally thought I wanted to get the Sniglar Ikea crib and changing table because they're simple and inexpensive but then we were like, Wait, when are we going to drive down to Ikea? Fuck that. So instead we got the Dream On Me crib and matching changing table from Amazon. SO EASY. The changing pad is the Keekaroo Peanut about which I've read rave reviews. (Just wipe it down!) And I got a handful of storage baskets from H&M (which is killlllling it in the home department these days). I'm sure we'll wind up moving what goes exactly where once she's here and we're using the space, but for now I feel good enough about the system. 

We went with the classic Diaper Genie which is kind of hidden between the table on the closet. The curtain over the closet and the curtains in the window are from Target which I simply trimmed down to size. I like how the big tabs echo the lines of the crib and changing table. And the rug is from Target too which I got for an $89 steal! At first I thought we'd want something totally plain but I'm glad we went with a pattern. It livens things up a bit. 


We got floating shelves for her books-- so much more fun to browse that way! Especially when you're little. And speaking of little, we purposefully hung them low so that she'll be able to reach them. MAN was that fun picking out her first load of books! And I'm sure the collection will only grow. Steven and I keep joking that we are going to be those parents who say yes to her every whim whenever she's in a bookstore because that's basically how we are ourselves in bookstores already... 


The rocking horse was mine and my brother's growing up and the baby monkey is Bubba Jr., my first stuffed animal. My folks also came across some of my baby dresses so I've added them to her little collection of onesies and such that hang in her closet.


The full circle of all that is hard to wrap my head around. I can so easily remember being little and playing on that horse with my brother, making Bubba Jr. dance to The Specials in the living room... and then here I am, 39 weeks pregnant, 30-some years later... and she'll be wearing the same dresses, playing with the same monkey?! It's also kind of impossible to imagine Steven as a baby even though I've seen the pictures. Can you imagine the owner of these socks once fitting into infant ones??


Those baby socks were a real moment for me. I was moving them from the washing machine to the dryer and suddenly I understood so clearly, There's going to be itty bitty baby feet in these socks. Which yes, is of course something I already intellectually knew but it all just flooded over me in this rush of visceral understanding, so much more real than it had ever been before. 

That's kinda how it's been in general. Anticipating what-- no, who-- is coming, while also knowing that really WE HAVE NO IDEA. Everyone keeps telling us to simply enjoy this time. And while yes, the other day I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided Fuck it, I'll just get started on this quarter's taxes so I won't have to do it with a newborn, I'm also officially on maternity leave and have on balance been able to truly relax BECAUSE MY SPRUCETON INN TEAM KICKS ASS. So Steven and I have been spending loads of time in the creeks--


And in the garden--


Simply enjoying the summer and each other.

One member of the house has had absolutely zero trouble relaxing during this waiting period...


Rather adorably, the chair in the nursery is his favorite spot these days. As is napping on the floor halfway under the crib. And any time we've been in the middle of building stuff for the room, he places himself literally in the middle of the action. We keep laughing about how he thinks we've made this room for him and he's all, I love it! Don't know why you're bothering with the little baskets of stuff but whatever. Thanks! Looks like he'll be in for the biggest surprise of all of us.

I Love Lamp: Nursery Coming Along...

A little sneak peek of the nursery here for ya.

Every time I come out of our bedroom door or look up from my desk in my home office I'm surprised to see the crib. Frankly sometimes I'm still surprised when I look down and see a giant belly too. You'd think that after eight months I'd be, I don't know, in the know about this shit, but alas. Perhaps I am experiencing the pregnancy side effect of forgetfulness after all...

More photos to come once we've got the space more sorted!

I Love Lamp: A Nursery Begins

I'm giving up my dream closet so our baby can have a bedroom. You hear that baby? THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ALREADY.

We did some reshuffling of our Ikea-barn-wood hacked dressers that had been in that room as well as my office, and now her bedroom is empty, currently awaiting the crib, the changing table, and you know, her

Since I now have to move all my clothes into our bedroom, we dragged a dresser in there which I was worried would make the whole thing feel crowded, but I think it actually works just fine.

How rad is that blanket btw? Got it at one of our favorite Kingston shops  Clove & Creek . 

How rad is that blanket btw? Got it at one of our favorite Kingston shops Clove & Creek

We've got a nicer seagrass hamper on the way, and Steven and I will split the hanging space in the actual closet. Fingers crossed everything will fit. I did wind up doing a pretty big clothing purge as I've grown out of things while growing this baby, asking myself along the way "Hmm, will I actually want to wear this again once I can fit back into it?" I'm sure it helps too that in the three plus years we've been here I finally have a much better handle on what I actually do and don't wear. (Hello ten thousand sweaters, good-bye anything that needs to be dry cleaned.)

I'll post some pics of the nursery once we've got some stuff in there. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Waldo as he patiently awaits the stork's delivery.


Got our final inspection this morning so we are officially DONE with our kitchen renovation!

Wanna see some Before + After? 

No? Oh. You've clearly come to the wrong website. Wait, you said yes? Ok great! Here you are!

Facing south, right when you walk in:

south facing vert.jpg

Facing west:

Facing east:

Also east:

Also west:

Kinda wild, right? We are so, SO happy with how it turned out. Big, bright, uncluttered. Lots of wood.

And oh my gosh THE BATHROOM. We have a second bathroom! And on the first floor no less! Here's the before. I'm warning you, it's scary as f*ck.

So scary my camera couldn't even focus! The room was walled off so we couldn't access it and yes, that tube going into the toilet was where the washing machine waste water went... I know, I know, it was such hellish little hovel but check it out now!

Previously, the only mirror we had in the house was a small circular one in the upstairs bathroom. This mirrored medicine cabinet is huuuuge which means I can actually see how huge I'm getting!

Aaaand because I got snap happy, here are few other views of the kitchen for ya!

We still have some last teeny tiny things to take care of-- mostly just deciding what goes in what cabinet. There's currently more out on that back L counter than there will be longterm once we figure all that out, and there's still some tape residue on the floor that's gotta be fully removed but really, that's all no biggie.

All in all, I think my favorite part (aside from the fact that everything actually works!) is just how open it feels without the drop ceiling. Sometimes I can't even believe it's the same space.

Lessons learned? Things I'm glad we did? Advice?

  • Stand in the space when you make decisions! Especially when it comes to layout. Walk from where your fridge will be to your island-- is that too far? Walk into the room-- where does your hand automatically go when reaching for the light switch?
  • Order what you can as early as you can. So much time can be lost on a project if you're waiting for materials to arrive! Think sinks, toilets, sconces, faucets etc. 
  • Spend your money on the big/longterm stuff like proper insulation and good appliances. And if you can time it such that you get your appliances during say, Black Friday sales like we did, all the better! You can always push out your delivery date up to two months if you aren't starting your reno for a while.
  • You can dress up inexpensive items and make them feel just that little bit classier. Ex: put Anthropologie knobs on Home Depot cabinets.
  • Certain things are relatively straight forward to change down the line, like wall color or counter tops. Other things you're pretty much stuck with forever, like floor materials or appliance placement. So make sure you're really certain about those not-so-changeable elements.
  • Stay true to the spirit of your original vision, but don't drive yourself crazy being a stickler. There are going to be things you want that are simply out of your budget (like marble counter tops *sigh*) or things that aren't in your original plan but wind up being way cooler (like a repurposed barn door island instead of a custom cabinet island). It's allllll part of that renovation journey.
  • Hire a team you trust. I can't tell you how many times we were faced with a decision and said, "Well, we think we want to do X but have also considered Y, what do you think?" Sometimes it's just a matter of style and is totally up to you, sometimes it's a matter of better functionality in which case it's really good to have a contractor whose expertise and experience you trust. 
  • And LIE TO YOURSELF ABOUT HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE. Otherwise you'll never do it.

Special thanks to all those friends who had us over for dinner throughout the process, to all those friends who listened to our inevitable renovation gripes, and to my mom for her expert professional advice along the way! And to of course the crew for doing such a kick ass job. 

For those of you who are curious, below is a list of where we got our goods.

Kitchen: Home Depot unfinished oak cabinets finished in an oil based poly by the team, Lowe's butcher block countertops, Anthropoligie knobs, CB2 wall sconces, Ikea chandelier, Winsome Wood stools via Amazon, Thor stove, Whirlpool dishwasher, Whirlpool fridge, Home Depot stainless steel sink, Signature Hardware spray faucet. Floors are partially sanded and polished cement, ceiling beams and floating shelves are Douglas Fir, island is custom made from our old barn door

Bathroom: Signature Hardware sink, Grohe faucet, CB2 sconce, Kohler toilet via Home Depot, Kohler medicine cabinet via Amazon.

I Love Lamp: Barn Door Kitchen Island

Every year for the past six years, despite neither of us being religious, Steven and I have hosted a Seder. Good friends, good wine, a long story-- what's not to like?

Obviously we were extra psyched this year to break in our brand spankin' new, 99% finished kitchen with our pals. Since we had eleven folks total we figured we'd bring in some tables and chairs from the barn and set them up in our big open space BUT THEN our contractor surprised us with our barn door island!

Remember the barn door? Once upon a time it was from the barn (duh):

Then it lived hanging between the kitchen and the living room.

Until we got a quote for a custom cabinet island and said, "WHOA! NO WAY! What else do we have laying around here...?" and decided we should be make a giant island out of the barn door and use the 100 year old hemlock beams for legs that we found in the foundation during demo

We've made tables before, but because this one was so burly we put it entirely in the hands of the crew. They decided it would be best to wire scrub the whole thing, poly it, and add a skirt along the edges from other barn wood and we made it two inches taller than standard counter height because Steven's tall and hates having to bend way over to chop.

The thing is so damn big they had to wait to attach the legs until they brought it in the kitchen yesterday morning aaaaand ta-da!

It basically took an army to flip:

(Yes, I felt bad taking pictures as they all grunted but aren't you happy for the action shot??)

And now WE'RE IN LOVE.

It's enormous and luxurious and sturdy and simply the freaking coolest and I'm so happy with it! It just goes to show that sometimes the "creative", "budget friendly" solution winds up being the best solution after all.

And now, as happy as I am to be sitting here at this island typing this, it's time to get outside because it's finally, so damn warm and beautiful out. Welcome, spring. We missed ya!

I Love Lamp: Winter, Renovation, Ya Know

So winter is really being one stubborn motherf*cker this year. Check out the April Fools joke Mother Nature played on us this morning! MORE SNOW! After five solid months of it already! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And I would be bold face lying if I were to say that I haven't wanted to occasionally punch myself in the face during the kitchen renovation. The noise! The dust! The mud! The decisions! The delays! Yesterday morning I had to go take a time out in an unoccupied hotel room to just chill the fuck out and get some quiet work done. 

All that said, yesterday was a pretty exciting moment because we ripped open the plastic between the living room and the kitchen and walked in to some major developments like cabinets and even a few hooked up appliances!

I won't tell you when our contractor said we'd be done because I don't want to jinx it but dudes, WE ARE CLOSE.

I Love Lamp: Kitchen Spray Foam + Dry Wall

I've never been this excited about spray foam and dry wall in my life. CHECK IT OUT!

I swear, insulating this extension has made the entire house that much warmer. We basically used to have a gaping hole off our living room. Now? This shit is toasty. 

And today, in just one day, because as I mentioned before this team is made of rock stars, all the dry wall went up!


Of course a massive snow storm is coming our way tonight and tomorrow and so there'll be another delay in work. Mother Nature just does not give a f*ck about our renovation schedule but hey, I suppose she does have bigger concerns. 

At least we'll be warmer than ever before!

I Love Lamp: Kitchen Renovation Part Something-Or-Other

So it's been exactly one month of washing dishes in the bathtub, and there's plenty to show for it!

Last you saw, the crew had finished up the demolition work. These past few weeks have been all about rebuilding, plumbing, electric... and concrete floors! Which I'm clearly the most excited about, but frankly that's only because it's the most visually notable difference. I mean, the electrical team can be here all day banging around and you pop your head in six hours and later and it looks... the same. With loads more wiring that you'll truly appreciate down the road, but it's nowhere near as exciting as say, the day that our gravel was delivered via big-ass truck.

As you can see, it drove up next to our house. They set out some gravel to create a ramp up our weird kitchen patio thing.

And then drove right up it and dumped the gravel directly in the open door!


Next was spray foam insulation of which I didn't get a picture because I was scared to go near it when it was still consolidating. Aka when it was still toxic. 

Just a few days later, our concrete went in!

It's got to cure for a bit longer before they put the final polish on it. Luckily though, in the mean time they can work on it. 

Like I said, otherwise it's been a lot of electric (What height should the scones be? Where exactly do you want your outlets? What about your microwave, because that needs its own outlet! How about your switch placement?) and plumbing. All essential, but way less sexy.

Some other not-so-sexy work so far has included re-routing a waste pipe from upstairs that used to run in the crawl space in the drop ceiling, eliminating the siding we boxed over it outside (because yes, the pipe used to run outside before joining the rest of the septic plumbing), raising the doors 3" for the floor...

And of course our pipes have frozen twice during this process because it's been literally zero degrees and this space, uninsulated, is basically outdoors. Luckily we have ten other bathrooms and showers at our disposal!

So that's where we're at. It's been loud and dusty but the crew is so kind and hard working and we're getting closer every day. In the mean time, it's a wonderful excuse to hit up the Phoenicia Diner significantly more than we usually do!

I Love Lamp: Done with Demo, Time to Rebuild the Kitchen

The demo part of this project is done! Gone are all the old appliances, walls, drop ceilings, floors... The space feels ENORMOUS now, especially with the floor dug out.

And now it's time to start rebuilding the place.

Last week they added more support to the roof which apparently had a bit of a sloping pagoda thing going on. They also did a bit of straightening of the walls which meant our south facing windows moved a full two inches! 

Currently I'm finalizing the exact placement of all our electrical work so that can go in this week-- including in the bathroom/laundry room right off the kitchen.

Tomorrow the plumber comes and is going to move some awkward waste pipes and set us up for our sink and dishwasher. (A dishwasher! I know! THE LUXURY.)

facing the living room.jpg

Then come the stones and the concrete floor which needs to get in asap so it can spend time curing. 

Watching the demo has been so damn satisfying but obviously I'm thrilled to moving on the rebuilding part so soon!

I Love Lamp: Mini Kitchen + Progress

As promised, here's a pic of our mini kitchen:

So glamorous right?

The table is actually a shelf from our barn. Steven sawed off the bottom part (which is now a coffee table in the barn) so it could be counter height. And I scrubbed the shit out of it for about forty-five minutes to make it people/food friendly. Because this is what it looked like when we first dragged it in:

We've got a full size fridge, microwave, and hot plate. We were total idiots and had all of that plus our air filter plugged into one outlet via an extension cord so naturally we blew a fuse immediately. But we've since moved the hot plate to the dining room table and we're all good. We're also trying to cook more on the wood stove since we've got it going all the time anyway. Most successful wood stove meal so far? Chili! It just hangs out in one pot simmering as long as you'd like.

As for the actual kitchen progress-- the guys ripped out the drop ceiling and down came all of the insulation we'd sprayed in there back when we first moved in and the kitchen kept freezing. 

Once they cleaned that up they had a go at the floor:

Which was entirely ripped up by the end of today exposing the old beams which were whole damn tree trunks!

Next up is laying down some more stones into the crawl space to be a base for our concrete floor and I am SO EXCITED. I have loved polished concrete floors for ages and ages. Yes I know they can be chilly, and yes I know whatever you drop on them breaks, but I wear babouches in the winter and don't think I'm a clumsy person so there!

Different note: the guys found some old tobacco tins and other stuff in the walls which they saved for us. 

Kinda cool, no?


I Love Lamp: Kitchen Renovation Day One

It took so much self control to not hover around the kitchen all yesterday. There was loads of clanging and banging and ripping and crashing which surely meant progress and HOLY SHIT LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID IN JUST ONE DAY!

I have never been happier to see such destruction!

My main impression beyond, "It's dusty as fuck in here" was: this room is huuuuuuuuuge. And once we get rid of the drop ceiling and vault it to match the pitch of the roof, well, I think it's gonna feel downright enormous. Which is nothing I've ever said about any other kitchen I've ever lived with! That's country life for you.

Here's a panorama:

Last night Steven had a presentation in Tannersville to the county's reading teachers, and so he stopped at the Chinese take out place. Because come on, what's a kitchen renovation without some take out?

And of course, because this is how construction goes, Day Two was cancelled this morning due to heavy snow and dangerous roads. Which is fine by me because I'm convinced these guys did two days' work in one I mean come on, look at this side by side:

Here's to Day Three being just as productive!