Bookshelf: Private Citizens

Private Citizens by Tony Tulathimutte

A good line or two:

"--or like the over-groomed beard a perfect emblem of masculine ambivalence emerging from a progressive subculture rooted in regressive nostalgia and pride mingled with shame not to mention sincere aestheticism performed through ironic mediums--" (p. 202) (Part of a HILARIOUS party scene monologue that goes on for literal pages.)

Got me thinking about:

When Steven and I lived in The Mission in San Francisco during the same time depicted in this book. Kinda riiight as the second tech bubble was beginning. Oh my gosh he just NAILS the scene. In a rather exaggerated way, but I think that made the reading all the more enjoyable.

How punishing authors can be to their characters.

How excited I am to meet the editor of this book, Margeaux Weisman, when she comes to the Inn as one of our 2017 Resident Artists!


Mostly right before bed which made for some manic, talk-y dreams.