Brownstone Mural by Steven at Nu Hotel

On Monday, my boyfriend and often collaborator Steven Weinberg took over room 303 at Nu Hotel (where I work as a concierge) to paint a mural!

The result is something totally adorable, hip, and funny that pays tribute to the hotel's Brooklyn location. (I know, I'm pretty much his #1 fan.) Check out the time-lapse video of its creation:

Here's the whole shebang:

Once he had the paint brush in hand he had to keep going, so not only is there this full street scene (including little gems like dinosaur bones buried beneath the G train tracks), but other bits around the rest of the room like this building over the toilet that you can see in the mirror as you sit and the throne and uh, do your thang:

So if you ever come to Brooklyn for a visit, stay at NU Hotel and request room 303! Steven's art will treat you good and I will concierge the shit out of your stay.

And take a poke around Steven's website to see what other kind of mural madness and art show fun he's been up to lately.