Claire Sherman Paintings

Steven gchatted me this link from Hyperallergic the other day (yes, we gchat each other things even though we're only 20 ft apart) of an interview with painter Claire Sherman.

He's a particular fan of this piece of hers, as am I:

Isn't it lovely? The colors, the textures, the strength of the strokes. She says that a lot of her work is informed by her travels.

Since moving to New York, my desire to get on the road in the summer has increased. I need to see parts of the country that are more open and expansive, and to help feed my work with new places, experiences, views. I have to periodically get out of the chaos of New York, hit the road, and SEE.

I would love to see how she would paint the Catskills.

Read the whole interview here. And keep up with the series-- each artist who is profiled chooses the next one. Kind of cool.

P.S. I love how small the world is sometimes-- in the interview she references being at painting school in Umbria. It turns out she was my dear friend Juliana Sabinson's T.A. there once upon a time.