Glamping 2013

So apparently when you get married you stop blogging. Or something like that. Either way I'm not having it. Anyway! This past weekend I went glamping in the Adirondacks with some pals to the same island we went last year. While the weather wasn't exaaaaaaactly on our side the whole time, we definitely still had fun.

(Not pictured: rain, black flies, cold gusts of wind.)

This year we took over both islands in the middle of Forked Lake. There were bad ass babies and kiddos (and their parents of course) on one island, and lots of swearing and morning beer on the other.

I'll let you guess which one Steven and I were on.

At this point I feel it's necessary to admit that I am listening to loons as I type this. Not the real loons we heard on the lake of course, but rather, a track called "Thoughtful Early Morning Loons By The Lake" on Spotify. And I'm not ashamed to admit I LOVE IT. It's always nice to bring a little bit of vacation home with you.