Gowanus and Train Photography

I've been doing a little research on my neighborhood's history and in doing so have become kind of addicted to The Brooklyn Historical Society's blog and archives, which directed me to the work of local photographer Jackie Weisberg. In 2009 she did a series of photographs of the Gowanus Canal, a previously bustling industrial area, now a somewhat empty Superfund site of epic toxicity. Her Gowanus Impressions collection is a series of "nonjudgemental" shots of a place that is sure to change in the coming years.

I remember we used to hold our noses when we passed it in the car. And now people are kayaking in it. Alright, kind of crazy people, but still. I absolutely believe Gowanus will be a happening place soon.

Poking around the rest of Weisberg's website, I really enjoyed her Views From the Train series. I'm totally one of those people for whom trains are places of contemplation and imagination, places to think about Big Life Questions as the world streams by like a film strip.

I once took a 36 hour train ride from Beijing to Chengdu and it was absolutely a highlight of my entire trip. There was a while there when I was considering doing the famous Trans-Siberian Railway ride. And then I watched the movie Transsiberian.

That said, I'm now really looking forward to my train trip down to Maryland next weekend. Maybe I'll even take some pictures.