Happy 3 Year Move-iversary!

Three years ago today we woke up in our house in the Catskills for the first time. It was cold (no wood stove yet) and empty (our moving truck had broken down and would be three days late) but we were fucking ELATED anyway because it was the beginning of what we knew would surely be an adventure.

It was scary to say goodbye to Brooklyn, to all our friends and our way of life there-- to trade it for the mountains and small town life and so many unknowns, all because I had this stubborn idea to open a hotel.

But I'm so damn glad we did.

To everyone who's ever stayed at the Inn or dropped in for a drink or to say hello, thank you! To all our neighbors and friends out here, thank you! You are all such a big part of what makes this home

Happy Move-iversary Steven!