I Love Lamp: A Lil' Nursery Update

Ok fine, I admit it. I knew that having white on a nursery rug was a terrible idea from the start. But it was so cute! And so on sale! I briefly considered taking a pic to show you just how beige the entire thing had become, but look, you don’t need that in your life right now with all that’s going on, right?

Trying to learn from previous experience, this time I got the most washable kind of rug around: a bath mat. Voila!

IMG_4875 2.jpg

When I took it out of the packaging this afternoon Amina crawled right on top of it and started laughing and petting it. EXACTLY the kind of reaction I wanted from her. Also exactly the kind of thing you never get a picture of.

Oh, now you need your own? Cop yours right here. There’s also a white version for the especially brave.