I Love Lamp: AirBnB

Steven and I went to LA for a wedding a couple of weeks ago and stayed in Echo Park in an AirBnB spot.

The place was totally artist-bachelor hip and I have zero complaints about the friendly dude who usually calls the place home. But I've got to say: bottom line, it just felt kind of WEIRD to be in someone else's apartment. And oh yeah, illegal.

So while I have mixed feelings about AirBnB in general, I've enjoyed cruising the round-ups that they curate. Smells like Eames Spirit just cracked me up.

Because no, at this point the words "mid-century modern" do NOT send chills down my spine, but rather, make me want to start throwing Eames chairs at people's heads and what not.  Which probably means that it's time for another spin around the best design website ever: Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.