I Love Lamp: Back Deck Is Mostly There!

The fence hasn’t been stained yet and we’re still not sure sure about the furniture lay out etc and the ground outside needs to be re-graded but I just couldn’t wait to show you a little of how the back deck is looking right now BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE! Seriously. We live there now.

IMG_4608 (1).JPG

This morning our pal Theresa came over with her wee ones Frankie and Lulu. Frankie and Amina were born about 7 hours and only 20 feet apart so it is the sweetest freaking thing when they get together.

IMG_4610 (1).JPG
IMG_4611 (1).JPG

The space is baby and dog heaven. Enclosed, right off the kitchen, plenty of space to rumble, fresh air. It’s grown-up heaven too! We’ve been having morning coffee out there, reading and nursing out there, eating dinner out there…

They poured the gravel the day I went into labor, came back on Monday two days after we got home to pour the cement, then finished the fence the next day. (!!) While construction right off the house might have been some folks’ newborn nightmare, it was weirdly comforting to us. We love a good home improvement! And Amina ADORES cement trucks so I am not remotely exaggerating when I say she was visibly more excited by the two that came than the arrival of her sister, haha!

IMG_4094 (1).jpg

Her sister, about whom, she is getting more and more curious and sweet with each passing day. Amina has been giving Felix kisses before she takes her afternoon nap, pulling off her socks to touch all her tiny toes, offering to share bits of her meal with her. This morning she said yes to having her in her lap and we pretended to eat the bananas off her onesie and I just about cried it was so tender.

IMG_4607 (1).JPG

Aaaand I just heard her wake up from her nap! More soon.