I Love Lamp: Barn Wood Table

Our buddies Erik and Solana came up last weekend for some country time and we put them to work. No, seriously. We didn't care that they had their one year old daughter with them or anything. We're cruel like that.

Steven and I had been talking a big game about taking some of our old barn wood and building a dining room table with it. We believed that by combining our general brain power with this book and sheer will we could do it. And while that might have turned out to be true, I'm sure it turned out much better that we had Erik and his carpentry skills to guide us.

And by "guide" I mean, "come up with a table design out of thin air without ever drawing or writing anything down then building it with us in a single afternoon using a handsaw and a drill".

Photo evidence:

I swear I didn't just take pictures and dance to the Black Keys the whole time. See:

Ok well that doesn't really prove anything other than maybe I spent a lot of time squatting and staring at people through my need-to-be-trimmed bangs, but I swear. There was plenty of measuring and drilling and filing on my part.

Later that night we christened the table with some delicious (Solana made) pork ribs, brussel sprouts fried in bacon grease, mashed potatoes, and good times.

I love the table because it's beautiful and functional, but I love it even more because we made it and I will think of that afternoon and these great friends every time I sit down at it. Those are exactly the kinds of things I want to fill this place with-- lovely and useful objects, meaningful friendships, hard work, wonderful memories.

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