I Love Lamp: Bathroom Art

I like how people tend to let loose with their bathroom art. It's often where you find people's quirkiest stuff. I've had a hodgepodge of crazy stuff up in there for a while but I recently switched all to photographs from our travels. It makes me so happy to have all those memories smashed up against each other in a room I use every day.

I like brushing my teeth and thinking about that strange motel in Montana, that boat ride down the Niger river trying to get to Timbuktu, that day we spent drinking beers in the plaza of Villa De Lleyva in Colombia...

I had to hold onto one drawing though. It's still in our shower. Most people don't even notice it at first.

And when they see it, they think, "Is that what I think that is?" And they step into our tub to get a closer look and--

Yup. That's what it is.

P.S. That's a Steven original from a playbill we designed for a production of Dorian Gray.

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