I Love Lamp: Crazy Feet

The other day my Mom gave me this miniature version of John Dickinson's "African Table". (She's an interior designer, so she comes across things like this more than say, you might.) It's pretty damn cute.

I haven't decided where it's going to live or what, if anything, is going to live on top of it. Part of me is tempted to make a mostly useless object even more useless by putting useless things that I love on it. Like the button egg my friend Juliana made me. Or the piggy bank that Steven made in elementary school whose mouth we stuff with our foreign bills.

Or our Porous Walker tambourine toast or a Malian teapot that leaks.

Or MAYBE I'll actually try to reach that desired design balance of form and function and actually use it for something useful. Like as a home for my phone which I feel like I'm constantly losing in my apartment.

By the way yes, I have not joined the smart phone revolution yet. Feel free to text me any time with your Intagram photos that I won't be able to download.

(What's I Love Lamp? This is I Love Lamp.)