I Love Lamp: Design in Miniature/ Eff Yeah Dollhouses!

I just came across this link to a dollhouse made out of bookshelves and thought, Cool design idea.

Then I thought, I should look up some more dollhouse stuff online.

And then it was suddenly ten hours later.

My earliest design experiences were all with dollhouses. My first dollhouse was a Sylvanian Family home in which a bear and bunny family cohabitated.

(Photos via here and here.)

Yes, all in a one bedroom house. But hey, they were originally from the woods--what did they care? This was DEFINITELY an upgrade for them.

My parents love to remind me that they often caught me playing with them, earnestly singing the 80s commercial theme song: Sylvanian Families.. Each sold separately!

When I was about eight I got a “real” dollhouse—“real” in that the place was populated with a human family and had a much more realistic bathroom and bedroom count for the inhabitants. My mom and all her design skills persuaded me to go for a Victorian style house, complete with fancy folks to populate it to whom I gave snooty English names like Victoria, Charles, Henry and Elizabeth. I spent lots of time rearranging the furniture and collecting decorative pieces like fireplace fans and faux-marble busts—essentially being my Mom.

We painted it lilac--to match my room of course--and it looked a little like this:

Without the 30% OFF sticker hovering in the air of course.

Cruising the internet for that picture I came across this super cool lazer cut Victorian dollhouse kit:

Part of me was a tad tempted to consider getting it, until I saw the photo of what it looks like pre-assembly:

Mother of god! This might be THE least encouraging DIY kit photo I've ever seen.

But back to this dollhouse-and-design train of thought: Want to make an Ikea design nerd real happy and maybe a little creeped out? Get him/her this adorable miniature set:

And by "him/her" I just might mean "me for Christmas this year".

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