I Love Lamp: Dog Bed Dilemma

You didn't think I was gonna get a dog and not obsess over what dog bed to get him, did you? I mean, I've got to look at the thing Every. Dang. Day. Not to mention Waldo has to sleep on it.

The first night we got him we set him up with some European size pillows and two picnic blankets. A week later these seems to be doing him just fine.

But "just fine" ain't good enough in this house, so I've been on the hunt for something cozy and nice looking which is surprisingly hard to find. Guys, there is some SERIOUSLY UGLY dog stuff out there.

My current favorite is this Buffalo Plaid one I've seen in a couple spots (including Waggo):

But that might be because I got a Buffalo plaid jacket this year that I love:

And perhaps it's not the best idea to match the dog bed. Maybe something a bit more subdued like this one would do:

Until I buy myself some Engineer striped overalls, then I'm screwed all over again.

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