I Love Lamp: Fake Fur

Have you ever seen the Restoration Hardware holiday gift catalogue? It's a beautiful, completely over the top thing filled with linen, stainless steel, fake fur and so much uber stylized cooooolness. The fake fur part is MY JAM. It turns out, I love fake fur. Like REALLY love it. Last year I bought a "lynx" hat from them and haven't looked back since-- except to look through the catalogue and purchase a fur scarf, fur slippers , and full fur blanket.

Reading the Game of Thrones series certainly didn't help curtail this obsession. All those books are fur-this, fur-that. I suppose I'd better start bracing myself against the urge to own goblets made of animal horns...

I'm not sure where in the apartment the blanket will live. For now it wil continue to live as a cape on my shoulders.

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