I Love Lamp: Hammocks + Swings Inside!

I love me a hammock or a swing inside. It's delightfully unexpected and SO MUCH MORE FUN than a regular old couch or chair to hang out on. Steven and I brought back a hammock from Colombia last summer after having spent many-a-night in one while backpacking through the country. Much to my mother's horror, we hung it in our work studio:

I think she's coming around... If only because she knows at least we had a contractor come and install it properly for us.

Since then I can't stop collecting more photos of other indoor hammocks and swings, which miiiight be a problem since I really can't have more than one swinging piece in my apartment. (Or can I?!)

(And apologies for the lack of photo credits-- I started collecting these before I began this blog and had no plans to post them publicly. If one of these is yours and you would like me to take it down or credit you just let me know!)