I Love Lamp: Hotel from Heaven

I have been drooling over photos of the San Giorgio in Mykonos ever since it opened a year ago. So needless to say, when Steven and I decided to go to Greece I knew EXACTLY where we would be staying. For at least a night or two. Guys. It was HOTEL HEAVEN. Every damn detail was beautiful, the service impeccable, I just... I just... need to go back asap.

You check in here:

When you get a complimentary honeymoon upgrade, your room looks like this:

Hanging poolside, champagne in hand, looks like this:

Reading in hammocks in the palm grove looks like this:

Taking a dip off the dock looks like this:

And everywhere else your eyes might rest looks like this:

We loved it all so much, we fully committed to living the "gypset" bohemian luxury lifestyle and bought this private yacht:

I mean, drank beers on the dock and pretended it was ours.

If you or anyone you know is going to Greece GO TO THIS HOTEL. And take me with you!

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