I Love Lamp: International Klein Blue

Such a bright blue sky makes it easy to forget it's supposed to feel like minus 21 today.


And while it's not exactly the right blue, it still reminds me of Yves Klein and his faaaabulous blue: International Klein Blue.

I LOVE that blue. I love how strong it is, how flat it is, the performance art behind it.

And it reminds me of so many other things and places and people. Like the Tuaregs I've met in the Sahara on the Malian and Moroccan sides--

(Yes, that second guy is Steven.)

Or this hotel we stayed at in Crete last summer.

Or Chefchouen, the wonderfully sleepy Moroccan mountain town that's entirely covered in varying shades of blue.

Even all our dishes are Fiestaware's version of International Klein Blue!

More blue from today: despite the SERIOUSLY CRAZY cold I dared to go out to the fully winterized (aka unheated) motel strip with some blue tape. You see, arranging furniture and determining outlet placements just wasn't happening on paper. I had to see that shit life sized.

SO much better. Totally worth the brush with frostbite.

It's a shame blue gets such a bad rap being the symbolic color of sadness and all. I find it makes me feel quite the opposite.

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(Yves Klein photo courtesy of Yves Klein Archives, all other photos mine.)