I Love Lamp: Kitchen Renovation Part Something-Or-Other

So it's been exactly one month of washing dishes in the bathtub, and there's plenty to show for it!

Last you saw, the crew had finished up the demolition work. These past few weeks have been all about rebuilding, plumbing, electric... and concrete floors! Which I'm clearly the most excited about, but frankly that's only because it's the most visually notable difference. I mean, the electrical team can be here all day banging around and you pop your head in six hours and later and it looks... the same. With loads more wiring that you'll truly appreciate down the road, but it's nowhere near as exciting as say, the day that our gravel was delivered via big-ass truck.

As you can see, it drove up next to our house. They set out some gravel to create a ramp up our weird kitchen patio thing.

And then drove right up it and dumped the gravel directly in the open door!


Next was spray foam insulation of which I didn't get a picture because I was scared to go near it when it was still consolidating. Aka when it was still toxic. 

Just a few days later, our concrete went in!

It's got to cure for a bit longer before they put the final polish on it. Luckily though, in the mean time they can work on it. 

Like I said, otherwise it's been a lot of electric (What height should the scones be? Where exactly do you want your outlets? What about your microwave, because that needs its own outlet! How about your switch placement?) and plumbing. All essential, but way less sexy.

Some other not-so-sexy work so far has included re-routing a waste pipe from upstairs that used to run in the crawl space in the drop ceiling, eliminating the siding we boxed over it outside (because yes, the pipe used to run outside before joining the rest of the septic plumbing), raising the doors 3" for the floor...

And of course our pipes have frozen twice during this process because it's been literally zero degrees and this space, uninsulated, is basically outdoors. Luckily we have ten other bathrooms and showers at our disposal!

So that's where we're at. It's been loud and dusty but the crew is so kind and hard working and we're getting closer every day. In the mean time, it's a wonderful excuse to hit up the Phoenicia Diner significantly more than we usually do!