I Love Lamp: LA Fantasy

When these photos were taken for Freundevon Freundevon, Claire Cottrell had moved into this LA home a mere 10 days before. She is apparently a professional mover.

Cottrell is a creative director and producer for a film company. She also has a Masters in landscape architecture and runs this uber cool online bookstore called Book Stand where she sells rare art/photography/vintage books. (I'm currently sweating this book of hers.)

She is a BALLER.

The whole thing taps into this fantasy I have where Steven and I move to LA and live in an adorable bungalow in Silver Lake where the windows are always open and we have an amazing succulents garden in our backyard that's always filled with our hip, laughing friends who surf and are in bands. In this fantasy there is of course no traffic and no smog and Brooklyn is only a forty minute train ride away.

TOTALLY possible, right? I thought so.