I Love Lamp: naturally, a lamp

Every Friday I'm going to post something design related tagged I Love Lamp because honestly, sometimes when I'm flipping through Elle Decor I feel JUST like "Anchorman" character Brick Tamland when he says...

Except I REALLY love the lamp.

My first I Love Lamp post kind of has to be about a light fixture, so here is a photo of one I made from a cheap Chinese lantern, hardstock paper cut into triangles, and scotch tape that hangs above my bed:

For some reason it reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are by Muarice Sendak. Maybe it's their teeth?

I got the idea to make it a couple years ago from the from the design-crack site Designsponge, one of my Top 20 Places of Procrastination.

Come back next Friday for more lamp-lovin'!