I Love Lamp: Poncho to Pillow

These posts might be named I Love Lamp, but I gotta tell you-- what I really love are PILLOWS. When we got back from Mali with several duffle bags worth of fabric I made PILLOWS.

When we got back from Bali with rolls of Ikat I made PILLOWS.

(Unsurprisingly, given all those bottles on the table, the only things not blurry in this photo are the pillows.)

And when I got back from Colombia two years ago with a bunch of ponchos I very much intended to make PILLOWS.

Because let's face it, ponchos aren't my best look.

Last week, on a snowy afternoon, I finally got around to making them! Or, well, three quarters of them. First I drew out a plan and did lots of careful measuring and cutting.

Which was harder than I'd anticipated since the ponchos have this necessary but very awkward hole in the middle of them that I had to work around. Then I pinned the pieces together. Unfortunately it was right side out instead of inside out. This is exactly 10 seconds before I realized my mistake.

Lucky for me the ponchos look nice both ways so the result is just a little more subdued than I'd planned on.

I say the job is only three quarters done because my bobbin ran out at the exact moment my patience did so only one pillow was sewn together. At least the rest of the pieces for the second one have been prepped. As you can see, the one on the left is merely posing as a completed pillow.

If anyone wants to come by and rethread my bobbin and or shame me into sucking it up and doing it, I'd be most grateful. I'll probably even make you a pillow of your own from any of the other yards upon yards of fabric we've got here.

(What is I Love LampThis is I Love Lamp.)