I Love Lamp: Staycation at the Wythe Hotel

Steven and I are sticking around Brooklyn for most of the summer and the opening of the oh-so-borough-chic (and former textile factory) Wythe Hotel has got me thinking about a staycation...

At the very least I need to go enjoy a drink on their 6th floor outdoor bar. I've heard mumblings that it's actually kind of hard to get into on the weekends and that the staff is hit or miss, but I can only imagine that they've been overwhelmed having opened just a few weeks ago.

By the way, the wallpaper is custom made by artist Dan Funderburgh with Flavorpaper. I love that it is somehow both bold yet subtle, and classic yet modern. It's got me thinking... WHAT CAN I WALLPAPER?!

(All photos from the Wythe Hotel website.)