I Love Lamp: Upstate

In case it isn't glaringly obvious, I've become rather obsessed with what we NYC-ers call "Upstate", aka anything in the state of New York that's not where we live, aka "the country".  And all my favorite publications have apparently been conspiring to further feed my obsession. Last weekend I was moaning with jealousy over these guys' 1800s farm house:

And while I think I'll be a happier person if I never have to see another Tolix bar stool again, I was unduly excited by the Design*Sponge sneak peek of this place in the Catskills:

I'm ready to move in.

By the way, this home is owned by one of The Graham & Co.'s designers. Steven and I stayed there again recently, and looking at the decor, it's a pretty obvious match:

First farm house photos via NY Times, Catskills photos via Design*Sponge.

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