I Love Lamp: Verner Panton Chairs in Eastern Bohemia

I'm not a church going gal, but if I were, and if I lived in the village of Chodovice in Eastern Bohemia I would DEFINITELY get my godly time on at this church designed by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky:

Holy Verner Pantone chair! I ADORE this combination of old and new as well as the use of carpets that are much more frequently found in mosques. In the words of the designers themselves:

The central nave has been stripped of dull repaints and left totally exposed so that visitors can watch the course of history on fragments and details on the wall...This space is an eclectic cocktail and a place to ponder, moving us towards cultural dialogue.

I also find it kind of hilarious that the designers note--

although they had known that as a result of this work they would lose the warranty of several years provided by the legendary manufacturer of the Vitra furniture [by carving out the crosses in the chairs], they were not afraid to experiment.

Throw the warranty to the wind, I think it's an experiment that's been pulled off superbly well.

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