Letterin' It Up at Owl Farm Bar

Today Steven and I did some lettering/signage for a new bar that's opening just blocks from our apartment called Owl Farm. The owners, Mike and Ben, are also partners of our other favorite haunts, Mission Dolores and Bar Great Harry, so we were psyched and honored to be asked to paint all over their walls. We started with some print outs of our handwritten signs that Mike and Ben had chosen out of a slew of options. This way we could make sure the sizing and placement was right.

Then we traced the backs of them with charcoal--

Which we then rubbed onto the walls so that Steven would have a faint but pretty exact copy to paint over with ink.

Then we poured a beer and surveyed out work.

We're returning on Monday to do their outdoor sign, and then returning pretty often after that to enjoy their rotation of 28 beers on tap.

They don't have an exact opening day date yet, but they're aiming for next week. So come by soon and check out our handwork while enjoying a crazy delicious brew!

By the way fellow Park Slopers-- this is the space that was formerly Harry Boland's, that crazy old drunk/underage Irish dive that you like to pretend you never went into. Not to out myself on the Internet, but I believe I went there for the first time at 14 when I may or may not have looked like this:

I'm a more than a little afraid I'm going to go into autopilot there and start ordering things like Fuzzy Navels and hard ciders and embarrass myself in front of all the hardcore beer loving bar tenders. I must be vigilant.