Platonic Rural Dating, aka Instagram in the Country

I just wanted to take a moment to write a quick public love letter to Instagram because, well, I LOVE IT.

I love posting photos, looking at other people's photos, going down strange hashtag rabbit holes. I love having this record of moments. I love being able to show people who aren't up here what the heck we've been up to in the Catskills.

And most surprisingly, I love that Instagram has given me new friends.

Out here it can be hard to meet people. 5 miles down a dead end country road we're not exactly going to run into a lot of folks. So we meet 'em the modern way: online!

Yea, Instagram can be kinda like a platonic rural dating site. You get a snapshot of someone's life, you message back and forth a few times, you figure out you have common interests and then you hang out and BAM! Cyber friends become real friends.

For all the hell we give technology for sometimes isolating us, at least it gives us new people to ignore as we check our phones!