Portland Maine Getaway

In order to survive the winters out here, you neeeeeed to take at least one quick getaway. Even if it's to somewhere just as frigid as home. Like say, Portland Maine!

Which is exactly where Steven and I snuck off to this week with our buddies Tracy and Jamie

These photos imply we spent more time outside walking around than inside somewhere stuffing our faces when in reality that was how we spent most of our 48 hours...  We went to Eventide, Duckfat, Honey Paw, Central Provisions, Oxbow, and Drifter's Wife,  chowing down on everything from oysters to putine to lamb stew to bone marrow toasts to razor clams to potato donuts. Ayayay!

The absolute highlight though was Tandem Coffee. Our pals Kate and Will moved up from Brooklyn to Portland maybe five or so years ago and opened their wonderful coffee roastery which has since expanded to include a bakery of most epic delights headed by their pal Brianna Holt. 

I didn't take any pictures of our quiche, sticky bun, egg sandwich, buttered biscuit, or everything scone stuffed with cream cheese BECAUSE I WAS WAY TOO BUSY STUFFING MY MOUTH so here's their pic of their salted chocolate chip cookie (which we took to-go) to get you drooling.

Seriously though? That everything scone stuffed with cream cheese is literally one of the best things I've tasted in my entire life.

So here's to trips big and small. To local culinary delights. And to friends who are always down for an adventure!