PS Vago Chairs For Daaaaaaaaays

As I've confessed before, I am a BIG fan of Ikea's special designs. Their outdoor stuff in particular. So, as our locally purchased wooden Adirondack chairs broke one by one over the past year and half, I basically spent that time figuring out how to justify the steep delivery fee Ikea would add to my dream chair purchase, the PS Vago chair I have in Room Seven:

But in grey. A) Because I didn't really want them looking like strange and notable white sculptures throughout the very green property and B) I have no interest in having to wipe these down regularly. I've got enough property maintenance work on my plate.

So how'd the math look? Well, when you buy TWENTY of them, the cost really evens out chair by chair. And holy moly was it worth not having to step foot into an actual Ikea! 

Et voila! Under the apple tree!

In the meadow!

At the Bar!

By the creek!

By the horseshoes!

By the hammock!

People with an ability to count on both hands twice will notice that those pictured still don't add up to twenty. That's because we stole four for our own garden. Couldn't resist. 

And yesterday afternoon, after setting them all out, planting some new trees, and replanting some others (pics of all that to come), we tested them out under the apple tree with some beers. They worked real good.