Springtime Means Frog Hunting and Property Improvements

It’s been a wet but fun spring so far.


We’re trying very hard to not let the rain stop us from getting out there to frog hunt, fish, pick some flowers, hit the playground… I’ve been reading The Montessori Toddler and it’s giving me the extra push stay engaged and curious even when it can feel dreary out.

‘Tis also the season of property improvements before the summer rush at the Inn. I’ve been touching up scrapes and such in the rooms, getting screens replaced, repainting signs…

AND we expanded and re-graded our parking lot which sounds like such a snooze but it makes both me and Steven SO happy, haha!

IMG_2276 2.JPG

We’ve also got two house projects on the must-get-done-in-the-next-two-months list: Baby Girl #2’s room and a back deck for us all to enjoy!

Baby Girl #2’s room is slowly but surely coming together (pics soon!) and won’t take a construction crew to complete. The back of the house on the other hand has had quite a journey. Remember these pics from the first summer we lived here?

Here’s what it looks like now:

IMG_2273 2.JPG

That concrete pad basically serves as a spot to dry Steven’s waders on occasion and to get in and out of the basement. It’s awkward and unfinished and we really weren’t sure what we wanted to do with it longterm, but after completing the kitchen and having Amina, we realized it would be really lovely to have an enclosed outdoor space just for us.

What we’re looking to do is expand the footprint of it so it squares off the entire back of the house, then fence it in so it’s completely private. (We love you Inn guests, but you don’t really need to watch us drink coffee in our robes as we wrangle the kiddos, right?)

I am SO EXCITED. Obviously I’ll take pics and post about it as it comes along.

For now, we’ll just keep enjoying our outdoor blanket time and sunsets looking out over the new parking lot.

IMG_2275 2.JPG