Spruceton Inn on Design*Sponge!

Today my fan-girl dreams came true: Design*Sponge is featuring the Spruceton Inn!

They call it a "soothing and enlivening escape. Taking cues from the motel’s existing structure, the Spruceton Inn is an endlessly charming and delightfully unfussy retreat, both beautiful and refreshingly simple".

!!!!!!!!!!! [That's my computer version of pure excitement.]

A few weeks ago, Maxwell Tielman came by to shoot the place and I've been looking forward to seeing how he captured it ever since. Needless to say I'm pleased as all heck!

A week or so after that, he wrote to say that they'd like to expand upon the piece and include an interview about the process of renovating etc which I was more than happy to oblige. Lemme say, it was REALLY hard to not write a novella in response-- it's been quite the journey so far.

You can check the whole thing here. And if you aren't an avid reader of Design*Sponge yet, you should be! Like I've said before, I think they do a really wonderful job of being MUCH more than a website of pretty photos.

Thank you Max and everyone at Design*Sponge for the coverage!