Steven Weinberg is THE BEST

It's been too long since I've bragged about Steven. So when his redesigned website launched this afternoon it seemed like the perfect opportunity to say: "Look! Look how great his stuff is!"

Seriously! Go to, click around and see for yourself!

I know on this website I talk about all the carpentry he's been up to for the hotel and other things Spruceton Inn related. But I just want to take a moment and give him a shout out for doing all those millions things for me while simultaneously not missing a beat in developing his own career as an artist, writer, and illustrator.

His debut children's book Rex Finds an Egg! Egg! Egg! is ready to roll with Simon & Schuster this coming year and more on the way...

And have you seen his weekly HyperAllergic comics? They're hilarious and oh so true.

Now don't waste a second longer here-- get over to!

P.S. Love the design and wish your own site could be that fun and user friendly? Hit up Little Digital Co. They designed too and have been nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with!