The Spruceton Inn: A Catskills Bed & Bar

Once upon a time Steven and I bought the old Schwarzenegger's Sunshine Valley House hotel with grand plans to reopen it as The Spruceton Inn: A Catskills Bed & Bar.

By "once upon a time" I mean, this past Monday. Our signed closing papers are somewhere on this lawyer's desk:

It's 8 acres of meadow and woods with a creek (the West Kill), a farm house (where we live), a 10 room motel strip, and a barn.

It's all tucked in to an east-west valley hugged by Hunter Mountain and lots and lots of protected, State owned land. The road, Spruceton Road, dead ends at a trailhead that leads to waterfalls, epic valley views, and other outdoor goodness.

Yes, those are bear prints. Yes, it's just a little different from Brooklyn up here. Steven and I have taken to wandering the property every morning with coffee in hand, making big plans and just marveling at the beauty of the countryside.

I am SO EXCITED about this and cannot WAIT to have every last one of you up! I'll be updating our progress here on the blog (and you'd better believe there will be a lot of I Love Lamp posts along the way). The Inn has its own website as well,, where one day we will be taking reservations.

Now I must be off to prep for the first big snow dump of the year that's on its way!

P.S. Yup, the same Schwarzenegger. Arnold and Karl are cousins. He apparently used to come by, hence the bar being named Conan's Corner. You better believe we aren't changing that name.