This + That: Mon, Oct 24

Monday, October 24. 

9 rooms.jpg

1. It SNOWED this weekend (?!) then we had a wind storm soooo bye-bye leaves. / 2. Coffee service for guests. Chatted with a former social worker now psychotherapist who specializes in mindfulness training about a new device that tracks your brainwaves when you meditate and gives you realtime feedback about it via weather system noises. Aka, it sounds stormy when your brain is really active, you hear calm waves and you calm down etc. / 3. Went through the checked out rooms to turn off the heat, take out the trash. The little things that need to be done before someone else cleans 'em later. / 4. Read some of Arguments Against Everything. Such a different style of writing than I normally read. I think I'm enjoying it...? / 5. Every single guest we had this weekend went to the Phoenicia Diner so I was jealous and had to go for lunch myself. Jessi Klein's You'll Grow Out Of It was my companion. (Hilarious!) As were the sweet waitresses who know me by now. / 6. Came home to a world of the most boring and tedious bookkeeping work. So many fucking usernames and passwords and tech crap. Stuff that's supposed to make your life easier and all together, on some days, just absolutely doesn't. / 6. The heater in my home office is broken so I went downstairs to warm up in front of the wood stove for a bit. Stormy looking outside. / 7. Chairs and branches were blown all over the place from that wind storm so I put 'em back. The chairs that is. Branches were down for the count. /  8. Yes, that's a big bowl of popcorn for dinner to go with a few episodes of Narcos. Steven and I keep reminiscing about our trip to Colombia five or so years ago. (SO much fun.) Makes total sense why their new tourism slogan at the time was, "The only danger is in wanting to stay." / 9. Waldo waits anxiously for Steven to come upstairs to bed. It's adorable how much Waldo is enamored with Steven and vice versa. We often joke that Steven is Waldo's "spirit animal". No, I did not accidentally reverse that.