This + That, Thur Sept 1

Thursday, September 1.

1. Morning snuggles. / 2. Checking out the garden with Gary who helps with our groundskeeping. / 3. Catching up on some linens laundry after an especially busy midweek. / 4. Emails for the Inn. Always. So. Many. Emails. / 5. Couscous for lunch. / 6. Acting as another pair of eyes for Steven's work. / 7. A walk in the woods all together. / 8. Writing time. / 9. Wine delivery. / 10. A whole hour of shooting the shit with Gary as he's taking a break from an epic mowing day. Lots of hilarious stories about the "old days".  / 11. Steven heads down to the Neversink to meet my dad for some fishing, so I write in his office. / 12. Another walk for Waldo. Those hay bales have such personality. / 13. More writing, writing, writing til late, late, late.