This + That: Wed, February 24

Wednesday, February 24.

1. Waldo snuggles. / 2. Steven was extra amused by his morning ensemble and wanted it documented. / 3. It snowed yesterday then rained all night. Winter, what's up?  / 4. Mail came. Wrapped in the usual rubber band which for whatever reason drives me nuts. The reason most likely being that said rubber bands somehow end up all over the house. / 5. Trying to be strict about not checking my work email on my "weekends", so morning time was spent reading a book instead. Finally getting around to this one! / 6. "I should sweep" somehow became "I should tear apart the entire living room and hand clean every inch of floor with vinegar and olive oil while listening to The Weekend". / 7. "And I should definitely remove the contents of the living room cabinets while I'm at it." / 8. So. Much. Rain. / 9. Got another Snake Plant at the grocery store yesterday. Repotted it immediately knowing otherwise it would live in its sad plastic one til, oh, 2026. / 10. I'm not sure Waldo fully appreciated all the floor buffing, but he definitely enjoyed the benefits of pillow and furniture fluffing. / 11. Up to Steven's studio to talk about his latest manuscript. / 12. Drove to a nearby bar to meet friends. Passed the most adorable baby lambs that yes, in this photo are just little white blurs but TRUST ME. So freaking cute. / 13. The bar. Catskill Brewery Devil's Path IPAs on tap. / 14. Made cumin lamb chops for dinner and gave Waldo some leftovers. This dog never finishes his bowl but he came thiiiiiiiis close tonight. He left just one dry food pebble. You know, just in case he gets hungry later.