Yeah, It's A Little Surreal

To be open that is. We've waited soooooo long for this! My first thought in the morning is still, "Ugh, I wonder if we'll hear about the permit today". And then I remember, "That's right we got it! We're open! AND THERE ARE STRANGERS SLEEPING JUST A FEW HUNDRED FEET FROM US." Yea, of course I was anticipating that last part, but it still kind of make me giggle.

Anyway! I want to say a huuuuuuuuuuuge thank you everyone who came out our Opening Weekend. You were all tons of fun and I want you all back ASAP!

A big thank you to my dear friends Lexie and Ryan who win the award of "First Paying Overnight Guests"! Lexie and I have know each other since kindergarten so it was definitely a sweet moment to share with her.

And an enormous thank you to my parents! They'd been planning on coming up for a visit those days anyway and when they were on their way, I got the call with the final ok to open. So it was wonderfully serendipitous to have them here for Opening Weekend!

(Dad always winds up being the photographer and therefore not photographed!)

Because they are the best parents in the world they arrived and went to straight to work. I'm not even kidding. They were literally cleaning toilets right up until we popped the bottle of champagne.

So thank you everyone who's been dropping in, having a drink or a popsicle, booking rooms. It's so fantastic that it's finally HAPPENING!