You Must Be This Tall! Beard Boy!

Just taking a moment to give a shout out to Steven for all the crazy great work he's been up to recently!

He redesigned his website and it's gorgeous

Because his work is so gorgeous. I mean, right??

And the good news is he's added a shop (hooray Squarespace for making that so streamlined!) so you can buy his original watercolors and more good stuff with just a few clicks. 

He's also been kicking butt on his kids books!

Beard Boy (about a boy who wants a beard just like his dad's) and You Must Be This Tall (two snakes who want to ride roller coaster but one of 'em is too short) were BOTH featured in the New York Times in the past few weeks! And Tall got what is perhaps my favorite bit of review goodness to date:

"A thrillingly shameless disregard for the safety obsessions of our time."

Oh hells yea it is.

And yesterday he got some test prints in the mail for some final art for another book he's working on with Simon & Schuster. I can't tell you too much about yet, but I can give you a sneak peek of how dang cute it's looking:

So, good job Steven! I'm continually impressed and inspired by you. :)