Baby Amina in the NY Times!

Ok, so the article isn’t actually 100% focused on baby Amina, but she IS in the lead photograph!

New York Times real estate section.jpg

Steven and I were among a handful of folks interviewed about why we chose to leave NYC and head way out to the middle of nowhere instead of, say, the suburbs. We spoke to the reporter for about 45 minutes each, then about a week later a photographer came out for pics.

Naturally we were SUPER EXCITED about the exposure for the Inn. And just as naturally we were SUPER NERVOUS that we each said something incredibly dumb and embarrassing that would wind up in print forever… but I think we did ok!

*Wipes forehead of worry-induced sweat*

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.28.48 AM.png

There’s talk of how much further your money stretches out here, how enjoyable it is to live in such proximity to nature. And the word “hipster” is used only once. Imagine that!

You can read the whole thing here.