Everything Will Get Done Because It Has To

That's what I chanted to myself when we were renovating and doing all the crazy paperwork and whatnot before we opened the Inn. Sometimes it feel endless, completely insurmountable. I'd be rushing and rushing and rushing around and then I'd find myself standing eerily still in the hallway, not moving only because I felt paralyzed by all the different things I should be doing, unable to choose which to do first.

It's a little like that right now. Transitioning between employees, other business development, and the general upkeep that just never ever ends.

It's time for lists, for prioritizing, for doing things just one step at a time. Even the biggest projects are made of small pieces. 

I'm also trying to be kind to myself. To implement the lessons I've learned in moving to the country, a big one being: Go outside. If only for ten minutes. You have the time. Make the time, it's worth it. To breathe that air. To be pleasantly humbled. To be inspired. 

Then get back to work!