I Love Lamp: And I LOVE Stupid Quizes

My favorite part of Seventeen magazine was always the quizes. What's Your Love Style? What Kind of Friend Are You? Hell, I'll admit it-- I even made up my own quizes for myself just for fun. (I know.)

So of course I was THRILLED to find a link on Apartment Therapy to HomeGood's Stylescope quiz!

Click the link above, mark the 5 photos that "speak to you" and voila! You are now a design type.

I am...

Oh HELLS yes I am!

I like that the quiz gives you a little assessment of what the label means and then gives you some design tips that relate to you. For example, I have been directed to use my "exotic textiles" in my decor, perhaps as a funky ottoman cover. DONE.

I know, it's kind of ridiculous and cramming us all in little boxes that don't actually illustrate our individuality... but it's so satisfying! I love it.

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