I Love Lamp: Boucherouite Rug Chairs

Boucherouite rugs from Morocco have gotten pretty hot in the States. Funnily enough, they're rag rugs made from scraps and while adored by a lot of foreigners, I've NEVER seen one proudly displayed in a Moroccan's home. Anthropologie is now selling chairs made from them:

For a mere $1,898 you can own a chair that makes your head spin an endless cycle like this:

"So cool--so Morocco--so modern--or, wait--so... Grandma's weird old rug from her faux-wood paneled basement? No! So cool--so Morocco--so..." and on and on. At least that's what the voice in my head is saying. But then again this is the voice that's currently telling me some anchovies would go really good with my iced coffee right now.

I'm not even joking.

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