I Love Lamp: Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

Last week Steven interviewed Grace Bonney, creator of the website that became my gateway drug to design: Design*Sponge.

She's basically my Elvis. Or Mick Jagger. Or One Direction. (I would make a joke about showing my age here, but frankly I've confused even myself with this range.)

The interview series format is 5 questions: 4 that always stay the same and 1 that is personalized. When it came time for Steven to brainstorm ideas for the 5th one I had a FUCKING FIELD DAY making suggestions. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a sugar-high six year old given the opportunity to ask Santa about the elves.

I suppose the enthusiasm spilled over as Steven wound up asking her waaaay more than 5 questions. Perhaps my favorite bit of the whole thing is the end:

You heard it here people, LET IT GO.

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