So it turns out Tuesdays are great for... ELOPING!

Steven and I went down to Brooklyn City Hall this week and put a ring on it. Two rings on it to be precise. Then we went straight up to Graham & Co in the Catksills for a quick honeymoon. (It would have seemed weird to just go back to apartment and what, answer some emails? Rent a movie?)

Graham & Co, in their own words, is "an update on the traditional weekend away" aka it's an old motel now entirely design-ified with reclaimed wood furniture, vaguely "ethnic" textiles, edison bulbs, and mason jars upon mason jars.

To be clear, I say this with love. They're so damn on-trend it's adorable.

I can't wait to return some time this summer and get in on the pool and bonfire action!

(What is I Love LampThis is I Love Lamp.)

(Last two photos from Graham & Co website.)