I Love Lamp: Living in a Cave

One of the coolest spots Steven and I stayed during our trip to Greece was in Falasarna on the island of Crete.

Cruising AirBnB, we found this crazy cave villa carved out of the side of a mountain. The accommodations themselves were pretty basic--

But the grounds and surrounding views were fairytale fantastic.

By the way, that's an outdoor shower spigot on the castle portion of the house. And while the place is pretty far up a private road I may or may not have gotten a honk or two while enjoying it. Ah well.

We had an especially good time making dinner from freshly picked onions and other goodies from the owners' garden (the owner being a middle aged woman with whom we shared coffee and cigarettes and stories when we traded cash for keys, avoiding the AirBnB fee, all of which felt VERY Greek) which we then enjoyed alfresco.

The surprise hit was the cat. And I say "surprise" because Steven is one of those assholes who hates cats, but for this one he fell pretty damn hard. Here is a shot right after he has scratched her belly with a rock for fear of having his usual allergic reaction:

And here is when he killed a giant grasshopper for her which she found somehow distasteful, much to his disappointment:

Bottom line, my new favorite amenities: vegetable gardens, outdoor showers, cats.

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