I Love Lamp: Mini Kitchen + Progress

As promised, here's a pic of our mini kitchen:

So glamorous right?

The table is actually a shelf from our barn. Steven sawed off the bottom part (which is now a coffee table in the barn) so it could be counter height. And I scrubbed the shit out of it for about forty-five minutes to make it people/food friendly. Because this is what it looked like when we first dragged it in:

We've got a full size fridge, microwave, and hot plate. We were total idiots and had all of that plus our air filter plugged into one outlet via an extension cord so naturally we blew a fuse immediately. But we've since moved the hot plate to the dining room table and we're all good. We're also trying to cook more on the wood stove since we've got it going all the time anyway. Most successful wood stove meal so far? Chili! It just hangs out in one pot simmering as long as you'd like.

As for the actual kitchen progress-- the guys ripped out the drop ceiling and down came all of the insulation we'd sprayed in there back when we first moved in and the kitchen kept freezing. 

Once they cleaned that up they had a go at the floor:

Which was entirely ripped up by the end of today exposing the old beams which were whole damn tree trunks!

Next up is laying down some more stones into the crawl space to be a base for our concrete floor and I am SO EXCITED. I have loved polished concrete floors for ages and ages. Yes I know they can be chilly, and yes I know whatever you drop on them breaks, but I wear babouches in the winter and don't think I'm a clumsy person so there!

Different note: the guys found some old tobacco tins and other stuff in the walls which they saved for us. 

Kinda cool, no?