I Love Lamp: Painting the Motel Exterior

I have been aching to paint the motel exterior since the day we bought this place and now, with the interior work practically done and warm weather, its finally TIME! The day before yesterday we bought a boatload (ok, a Subaru-load) of paint and taped everything off.

I worked section by section, rolling over the old red then using a brush to get in the ten thousand nooks and crannies. OH MY GOD THE TEDIUM of that second step. And I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit how physically taxing it was. I'm sore.

Meanwhile, Steven was hard at work acetone-ing then painting the north side of the motel where we're going to have a small patio area.

And guys, that ladder is REALLY TALL. After we finished, beers in hand checking out our handiwork, we both admitted how nervous we were about it. But look! So worth it!

Next up are the doors which will be a glossy version of the same blue and all the window trim in white. Plus the five million other things we have to do before opening...!

As tiring as all this painting was, it's crazy pleasing to have such an obvious, visible result of my labor. So much of the other work that goes in to opening this place happens in notebooks and computer documents (or in my brain at 2 in the morning). I'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning, looking out the window and seeing this progress.

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