I Love Lamp: Pool Me

Complaining about weather might be one of THE MOST BORING THINGS EVER-- just beating the retelling of nonlinear dreams for first place-- so I'm just going to say that I'm really feeling pools right now... I love the shape and black outlining of the one at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami:

And how about this pool party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs?

The last pool party I went to was for my reunion at Pitzer College. After my class graduated, the school began some epic construction projects that resulted in an entire new suite of green dorms that surround the outdoor pool. AMAZING IDEA Pitzer.

And simply because we're on the topic of pools, here's a photo of me and Steven last year at the pool at our rather run down hotel in Bamako, Mali:

Hey, at least there was beer.

(What is I Love Lamp? This is I Love Lamp.)