I Love Lamp: Ikea Sinnerlig Light

Apparently I'm one of those people who not only knows about but caaaares about when Ikea produces a limited line with a designer. Because it turns, some of my favorite pieces of furniture are from special Ikea collections. Like this crazy yellow chair from their 2013 PS line:

Or this PS Vago outdoor chair that lives in Room 7 of our Inn:

Or this PS Gullholmen chair that's lived all over our house and currently resides in our bedroom:

Ok, I guess it's sounding like I'm mostly obsessed with their oddly shaped chairs. Fair enough. HOWEVER, I got really amped about their Sinnerlig collection designed by Ilse Crawford.

Natural fibers, earthy tones, clean but comfy lines... THIS IS THE STUFF OF MY INTERIOR DESIGN DREAMS. (Not to mention the plants and the concretes floors from the shoot...) And Ikea has been torturing me for months! Mostly accidentally in the form of Scandinavian design bloggers who all got a hold of this stuff eons ago because Ikea released the line out there first. 

So when Steven and I found ourselves in the Brooklyn Ikea this past week, supposedly just getting a few replacement door mats and lamps and hangers (we entered via the check-out exit and went only to that last part with all the accessories, that's how dedicated we were to having a quick trip!), I simply couldn't resist the Sinngerlig light. 

Luckily Steven dug it too. So we brought one home.

We had to do a little hacking since we couldn't install something with direct wiring right above our dining room table. We got one of those $8 cords (and $16 bulb! they get you with the bulbs) and strung it up with two hooks. I thiiiiink I'm cool with the cord as is. We decided to go with black instead of white and really commit to the whole "I know, you can see the cord" thing. Kinda like girls wearing lacy black bras under white tshirts, ya know? We'll see. Here is is in daylight:

I keep forgetting that we've installed it and every morning it's a fun surprise!

And yes, I'm fully aware how insane that sounds. 

(What is I Love Lamp? This is I Love Lamp!)

UPDATE: A lot of folks have asked about how we got the string bulb through the wire frame. The answer is, we didn't! We just looped the cord around a few times and used a black twist-tie to secure it: